Steigenberger Hotel Drei Mohren

The Steigenberger Hotel Drei Mohren in Augsburg boasts one of the longest traditions of hotels in Germany and has a history of more than 500 years. As the top address in the city of the Fuggers it is situated directly in the splendid Maximilian Street and integrated architecturally in the surrounding buildings. There are lots of popular sights in the neighbourhood, such as the Schaezler Palace.

Steigenberger Hotel Drei Mohren
Maximilianstr. 40
86150 Augsburg
Tel. 0821/5036-611

Members and guests of the Golfclub Augsburg receive special conditions for single or double rooms including champagne breakfast.

Romantik-Hotel Augsburger Hof

For more than 30 years the Meder family and the Augsburger Hof team have aimed to give you the feeling of returning home. A balanced combination of old and new is the basis of your well-being. Joining the global co-operation of the Romantik Hotels in 1990 was a mark of this personal involvement and the special ambiance of the Augsburger Hof.

Romantik-Hotel Augsburger Hof
Auf dem Kreuz 2
86152 Augsburg
Tel. 0821/343050
Fax 0821/3430555

Guest of the Golfclub Augsburg receive a discount of 10% on the regular rooming prices.

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